Found fragments

Changing the use of the area joined to the Central Market into exclusive pedestrian use means to increase, if possible, the added value of the spaces around the great monuments of the area as La Lonja and Los Santos Juanes. The design of a worthy end for the damaged Avenida del Oeste in the new pedestrian square of Ciudad de Brujas characterizes the proposal, being the perfect stage for a market that looks out to the street, taking contact with the city as it used to be in the past.

The blurred Plaza del Mercado is redesigned through the water usage, driving on the surface the route of the Old Channell of Rovella, underlining a path that brings the pedestrian closer to the renewed craft stalls of ‘Les Covetes’. The ramps of this square encourage the generation of a new space to stop, observe and meet, in order to generate new activities in an area composed of historical fragments.

PROJECT DESIGNEDTender for Urban Regeneration in the city fo Valencia for the environment among: City of Bruges Square, Silk Exchange, Central Market and Church of Santos Juanes